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30 Day RevolutionHR Guarantee

We will revolutionize your performance in 30 days or get your money back.

Sophistication Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune… BUT Poor Performance Typically Does

Ever heard happy employees are the most productive? Put it to the test with RevolutionHR’s 30 Day Guarantee.

Gallup recently reported that 70% of employees don’t enjoy their work. Not having a plan is the same as having a plan to do nothing. It’s time to break the cycle with a custom performance plan. Your revolution starts here.


Once a year 360 performance conversations were a good idea 40 years ago. Now, there is no excuse that outweighs the evidence.

Companies that set performance goals quarterly generate 31% greater returns from their performance process than those who do it annually, and those who do it monthly get even better results. Drive performance with RevHR.


No HR budget left behind. Our solutions were designed to give Small Business the same level of sophistication the big guys afford.

Choose a pre-packaged plan or get a free assessment to build one custom to your needs right where you are today. With packages starting at $49 a month, Best Employer sophistication is just around the corner with RevHR.


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Help Your Employees Reach Their Goals In Work & Life…Greatness Awaits

RevolutionHR is designed to help employees perform at their greatest potential. When employees invest in individual employee performance and growth, it impacts everything, including strategic business results.

Mobile Performance & Growth Plans At $10 or Less Per Month

The Facts Calling For A Revolution
of U.S. Workforce is Disengaged
Lost in Productivity Annually
Increase in Productivity When Teams are Happy
Higher Profits When Employees Enjoy Worklife

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